Quick Tips – Goal setting for the lazy

August 5, 2010

Have a hard time getting yourself to set goals? Here is a simple tip that I learned from Brian Tracy. Don’t ask why or how it works, just take my word for it and follow the steps:

1. Get a 3×5 notecard, a pen, and some tape

2. Think of a goal that you want to accomplish. Make it something that you REALLY WANT.
example: I want to learn how to dance salsa

3. Now think of it in the present, as if you already had or achieved your goal. Think of how it would make you feel. Put some emotion into this idea.
example: I am a great salsa dancer and I love dancing salsa!

4. Think of what you would have to sacrifice in order to attain goal. Describe it to yourself as if you already did this.
example: I enrolled myself in a salsa dancing course and practiced for 3 weeks.

5. Set a date for when you want to achieve this goal.
example: On my 5th year anniversary.

6. Put it all together and write it down on the notecard.
example: It is my 5th year anniversary and I am a great salsa dancer. I love to dance salsa! I was able to master salsa by enrolling myself into a salsa dancing course and practicing for 3 weeks.

7. Tape the notecard somewhere you will see it everyday at least twice.
example: Car Steering Wheel, your bedroom door, refrigerator, etc.

8. Everytime you see the card, read it out loud. By excited to read it!

That is it. You will be surprised on how effective this little idea is. But there is only one way to find out – go out and do it!


Joe Ray fighting in Strikeforce this Saturday!

January 28, 2010

Strikeforce Miami is this Saturday, January 30, 2010. In it is one of FFA’s up and comers, Joe Ray. Joe has competing kickboxing for years with us, having accumulated an amateur record of 8-0 along with the ISKA southeast championship title. Joe then trained in Thailand for nearly a year, racking up a pro thai kickboxing record of 4-1. This will be his first foray in professional MMA.

I have had the pleasure of training him, or rather the pain (the man hits hard!) . Joe is one of those people that excel under pressure. He fights his best in the ring, not in the gym – which is excellent for an avid competitor. I have been waiting for the day that Joe would go into MMA. He has so many weapons in his arsenal, he can really pick how he will finish the fight.

Today he will be doing his last training session with me at 6pm, then afterwards heading over to do photos and interviews with the Strikeforce crew. Tomorrow, he will be weighing in and of course on Saturday – it is go time!

I will post videos and pictures of Mr. Ray as we continue his preparation for Strikeforce.

FFA Davie kicking butt!

January 25, 2010

One of my New Year resolutions was to get FFA Davie onto the winning track. As with all new businesses, the early years are tough. It takes a lot of work to get people to know your business exists. It takes even more work to develop the best product and have an excellent staff to deliver and service it.

FFA Davie has had it’s share of bad luck early in with issues from land lords, faulty equipment, etc. But I’m happy to say that we have squashed all of those. Since I have come around to personally teach and run operations at FFA Davie, business has never been better!

I’m happy to say that we are in the black. With coaches Mike Bernhard and Cesar Serje teaching alongside myself and my brother, we have an all star staff running the show. The students have been progressing and growing into blues. By the end of the year, I see some more blue, purple, brown and black making it’s way through! We also having a growing list of fighters that will be breaking through soon, so stay tuned.

So if you are in town, stop by and say hello!

FFA Fighters will be in full force this year!

January 21, 2010

It is an exciting time for FFA. Many of our young fighters are now ready to make waves in the MMA world. We will be sending out many fighters out to compete in both pro and amateur events. The fighting fever got started by our very own Bruce “the Ninja Turtle” Hinckson, who dominated his opponent with superior striking and ground control. The following week, Edir Terry, Leo and Luis Hernandez also fought to impress. Next up for the team is Joe Ray’s MMA pro debut in Strikeforce!

I will also be jumping back into the mix after a year off. I’m looking forward to moving our team into the spot light of the MMA world. I know that our fighting style is one of the most versatile and well balanced in the sport. It is going to be great to showcase the depth of our skills this year!

I will be posting links to the fights for Bruce, Luis, Leo and Edir later on today. Stay tuned!

FFA 3-0 at Evolution MMA!

January 19, 2010

This past weekend, FFA had three amatuer MMA fighters make a big splash into their fighting careers. Edir Terry, Leo and Luis Hernandez all won their bouts in impressive fashion.

Leo was the first to go. This was his first fight, having no previous experience in kickboxing like Edir or Luis. Naturally, I was nervous. Leo was confident. He had trained hard and done everything he was supposed to. The fight started with his opponent quickly closing the distance and striking. Leo handled the first few exchanges well, keeping good composure. He then begun to land some big shots that had his opponent on weak legs. There were a few times which I felt the fight could have been stopped, as his opponent kept turning away from him while taking hard punches.

The round ended and Leo came back to the corner. At this point, it was just a question if when the fight was going to be finished. I told him to follow up on the ground and finish his opponent. He did just that. After landing some brutal shots, his opponent fell to his fours, where Leo then applied a rear naked choke to win by submission.

Luis was next, and he did not waste any time dropping bombs! The first punch he threw dropped his opponent. Luis was not fighting with the prettiest hands, but man were his punches hard! Luis battered his opponent with lunges, kicks and knees – yet he made it into the third round. It was at his point I urged him to attack the body and throw straighter punches. Luis proceeded to land a straight right followed by a vicious left hook to the liver which ended the fight.

Finally it was Edir’s turn. This fight was a barn burner! Both fighters exchanged fiercely during this bout. What made the difference was Edir’s clinch work, where he was able to control his opponent and land knees to the body.

In the previous fights, I was able to relax once my fighter was dominating. However, I had no comfort in this one. Edir was put in danger a few times that had me worried. But he rallied back and came at his opponent hard.

This bout went to a decision, and I knew Edir won 2 of 3 rounds – I just wasn’t sure if the judges knew that 🙂 Fortunately, two out of three of the judges did and he was awarded the decision. Not only did he win, but he was awarded fight of the night!

I was very proud of all my fighters and their performance. I hope to be at their corner for many years to come! OSU!!!

Fight updates

January 16, 2010

I have been posting videos and pictures of the guys on my facebook. Edir, Leo and Luis are pumped up and ready to go. Everyone got to check their weight and are on! Official weigh-ins are at 5pm, fights start at 8pm.

I’m very excited to see the guys in action and will be posting more videos of them soon.

FFA going to Jersey tomorrow!

January 14, 2010

FFA, had it’s first fight of the year last weekend, where Bruce “Ninja Turtle” Hinckson defeated his opponent by unanimous decision. Bruce had made the team proud with his excellent performance, scoring some big punches and huge slams.

Hot on his heels are Edir Terry, Leo Hernandez and Luis Hernandez. They will make their amatuer MMA debuts in New Jersey this weekend. I will be flying out with them to coach them to victory.

The hard part of their training is over. Now it is just about keeping their conditioning and timing sharp, and properly managing their weight. I will be taking pictures and videos of their journey tomorrow, so you can get a sneak peak of what it is like to be fighting.

Stay tuned!