Quick Tips – Goal setting for the lazy

Have a hard time getting yourself to set goals? Here is a simple tip that I learned from Brian Tracy. Don’t ask why or how it works, just take my word for it and follow the steps:

1. Get a 3×5 notecard, a pen, and some tape

2. Think of a goal that you want to accomplish. Make it something that you REALLY WANT.
example: I want to learn how to dance salsa

3. Now think of it in the present, as if you already had or achieved your goal. Think of how it would make you feel. Put some emotion into this idea.
example: I am a great salsa dancer and I love dancing salsa!

4. Think of what you would have to sacrifice in order to attain goal. Describe it to yourself as if you already did this.
example: I enrolled myself in a salsa dancing course and practiced for 3 weeks.

5. Set a date for when you want to achieve this goal.
example: On my 5th year anniversary.

6. Put it all together and write it down on the notecard.
example: It is my 5th year anniversary and I am a great salsa dancer. I love to dance salsa! I was able to master salsa by enrolling myself into a salsa dancing course and practicing for 3 weeks.

7. Tape the notecard somewhere you will see it everyday at least twice.
example: Car Steering Wheel, your bedroom door, refrigerator, etc.

8. Everytime you see the card, read it out loud. By excited to read it!

That is it. You will be surprised on how effective this little idea is. But there is only one way to find out – go out and do it!


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