Congratulations to Tom Lawlor

Congratulations to Tom Lawlor for fighting a very entertaining fight against Aaron Simpson. It was a great back and forth battle, with both men showing great skill and heart.

Tom got the early drop on Simpson, having Aaron dazed and confused for the whole round. Tom showed the world that he can throw good hands while Aaron proved that he has a chin made of granite.

Round two was a close one, with both fighters scoring takedowns, each showing fatigue from an exhausting first round. Although Simpson had obtained better positions in this round, I feel Lawlor inflicted more damage.

Round three was more of a grappling a match. Simpson used effective ground control to keep Tom on his back. Tom looked in very bad shape, although he wasn’t taking any damage, he could barely muster the energy to escape. Simpson failed to utilize has dominant positions, and at the end of the round Lawlor escaped and landed a solid punch that wobbled Aaron.

A split decision was awarded to Aaron Simpson, but I felt Tom Lawlor should have won. It is a hard call though, and I can understand points that could make it go either way. Judging in this sport is difficult. It is my opinion however that positions shouldn’t weigh that heavily in a fight compared to damage taken.

Regardless, Tom Lawlor’s stock just went way up. He showed he has good striking ability and can hang with a dangerous power hitter. At only 26, he has a lot of room for growth and can become a serious contender for the title.


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