Hello everyone. I’m back from my wonderful cruise. While the weather was far from ideal, I did eat like a pig for three days straight! Free, unlimited food is trouble 🙂

Now, to atone for my gluttony I am fasting. Meaning, that I will not eat or drink anything except water. Why would I do such a thing voluntarily? Two reasons.

One, there are health benefits to flushing the system out. By drinking water, you can remove toxins from your system. To make this more effective, drink some hot water a few times a day. Heat mobilizes toxins which allows them to be flushed out.

Two, it is an exercise of will power. Eating is one the bodies powerful instinctual urges. People who are starving will go to desperate measures to satisfy their hungry. Learning to have control over this drive rather than being driven by it will give you a stronger will. Having control over your appetite will allow to exercise a healthier diet.

Want to give it a shot? Here is some pointers:

1) Have a good dinner the day before. This will make it easier the following day.

2) Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 8 cups (64 ounces).

3) Drink 3 cups of hot water. Should be the same temperature you would have tea with and same serving size.

4) Beware that you may get hunger pains early in your fast. Just hang in there and ignore them. The best way is to keep yourself busy with work or play. The hunger will subside once your body goes into a fasting mode.

5) If you are easily tempted, stay away from foods and their scents. When you are hungry, your sense of smell is heightened and you will sniff out food at a greater range. By keeping yourself at a distance, you will have an easier time.


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