Im going to the Bahamas today!

I will be going on a cruise today at 5pm to the Bahamas! The only problem is that I have a lot of work to do that cannot be put off for later. But I really want to go, so I will find ways of getting everything done.

As of now, I’m about half way through. I’m confident I’m going to finish. The motivation of going on a cruise is enough to make me work harder and smarter.

Why not use this positive reinforcement everyday? Tell yourself that you want to go to Jamaica or where ever you want to go. What things would you have to do to get that done? Would you need money, a baby sitter, vacation time?once you know what you have to do, get started! If that means working longer hours, or finding someone to babysit the kids by all means do it.

Whenever you feel like slacking off, just remember why you are working hard for. Eventually, with a strong work ethic you will get to go where you want!


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