A smile never hurts

A smile can make all the difference in someone’s life. A smile from the right person can make your day. When things are looking down and someone finds a way to cheer you up, for a moment you are living happy. Here are a few quick tips on keeping a grin over your chin 🙂

Make a habit of smiling – Make a conscious decision to smile at least 5 times a day. Especially before doing something important. Need to make a call? Hold a smile while speaking. You at first will feel foolish but after a while it will no longer be forced – it will come naturally. People will enjoy speaking to you more if you are smiling, and by smiling you will be in a better state of mind to tackle any tasks you may have.

Surround yourself with goodness – Have things around you that make you smile or put you in a good mood. Have a favorite movie, book, or an object that makes chuckle near your workspace. When you start to get upset or stressed out, use that thing to pull you out of it. An even better way is by having positive, upbeat, and funny friends. If someone can make you laugh often, keep them around. If you don’t have any funny friends, go to a comedy club.

By keeping yourself smiling and around positive people, you are bound to be happy and in a better place to do what you want to so better!


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