Be impeccable with your word

This is a great skill to develop in your life. It can be perhaps the most important life lesson you can pick up. I learned this through the Audio Book, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you have not read this book, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy – it is well worth the read or listen.

What does being impeccable with your word mean? It means several things:

1) Always do what you say – Being a man of your word is one of the true signs of integrity. You be a valued friend and business asset – which will make you very successful in any endeavor you choose.

2) Always be honest – Being truthful will give you and others peace of mind. No one will have to guess what you really mean, nor will you have to create any stories to fool people. No matter how bad you may think the truth may hurt, it is better for you and others to have the truth released. One day, the truth will be found out – better to have it come through your mouth than someone else. As the saying goes, “Everybody knows everything.”

3) Use your word for good – By using your word to make good, you allow yourself and others to grow. You do not insult others or yourself. You do not use your word to make war or do harm. Hurtful words hurt both you and the other party. Use your word to help others, make them feel better and to improve yourself. If you have nothing good to say, then do not say anything. It is better than spitting poison – which is a contagious force that no one needs.

Being impeccable with your word is very difficult. It may sound easy in principle, but the implementation takes persistence. Remind yourself everyday about your vow to stay impeccable with your word. If you fail one day, it is ok. Renew your promise and keep yourself impeccable.


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