Frustration – everyone has felt it at sometime. It can sap your energy and motivation in an instant. A classic example that Generation X can relate to is video games. After spending hours of precious time trying to beat the final boss, you get so upset that you either curse at the imaginary character, blame someone or something for your mistakes or you slam your controller to the ground. As your frustration builds, you end up making more errors, building that fire of rage in which you will ultimately quit.

Although in the above example the consequences are not damning, frustration can affect us in all aspects of our lives. People who have bad experiences in relationships can get frustrated and shut them selves out. Repeated shortcomings at work can build into abandoning your post. Some people go the extreme and get frustrated about their lives – and we don’t want to think about the consequences of that.

Clearly, being frustrated is a state of mind we want to avoid. Where does frustration come from? Judgement. When you judge your performance, if you fail to meet your standards of success you can react in a variety of ways – mainly anger or sadness. If your levels of anger or sadness continue to build, frustration begins to grow. A person who is frustrated grows desperate. They want to get away from their judgements but do not know how. In their desperation, aggravate the problem more, which can then make them reckless. It is truly a downward spiral.

The key to overcoming frustration is to not judge yourself, or anything else for that matter. If you release your judgement, you will not care whether you win or lose. The reality is that you will always win if you do your best and keep a positive attitude. Regardless of what other’s may say about your performance (based on their judgements), you will win because you will have lived and learned. You will be able to adapt and grow from your experience, and if you had no judgements, you will have no reason to be upset.

So learn to live without judging. This lesson alone can change your life forever. By allowing yourself to enjoy every experience without worrying about what you or others will say about your actions, you will live free and be happier. Court is adjorned!


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