Exceptional Service goes a long way

Today is Tony’s birthday (Shani’s brother). To celebrate, her family took him to Samurai’s, at Shani’s urging, lol. Samurai’s is a Benihana restaurant, where has the chef prepare the food right before your eyes.

Now anyone can just simply cook and pretend nobody is in front of them. Sometimes, your experience will be just like that. The food is good enough where most people will not mind much. However, our chef, Ronald was not of those people – he was an entertainer.

Not wasting anytime, as soon as Ronald arrived he was enteraining, making some quick jabs at a little girl at the table. He then starting poking fun at me, Shani, her mom, dad, brother and every guest at the table. He spoke with each person at the table, making everyone feel special.

Besides being hilarious, he was a great cook. The meal was one of the best that I have enjoyed at that restaurant. Going the extra mile, Ronald took the family picture, had it developed ane gave it to us after the meal.

It was Shani’s family’s first time going there and Ronald made a huge positive impact on then. They will be going back. Ronald’s exceptional service earned him a nice tip and some new loyal fans.

An interesting note, was that the other three guests knew Ronald by name before meeting him. In fact, they requested to be seated by him. They said they always ask for Ronald everytime they go.

What did Ronald do to have such a fan following? He cared. He did what other cooks rather not do. He gave every single person his personal touch. No one felt left out or unattended. People come back to him because everyone wants to be treated like a million bucks, or put another way, lime your most important customer.

If you treat the people you work for like your most important client, they will enjoy your service more and want more of it. I know I will be asking for Ronald next time.


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