Happy New Years!

Happ New Years! One thing that many people do is make New Years Resolutions – a commitment to do something that will enhance their life. Common resolutions are to start a diet, begin an exercise program, and quit smoking.

However, 80% of people break their resolution after only one day! They quit so early, most of these people probably never even attempted or tried to uphold their resolution. This is terrible – if you cannot even uphold your word to yourself, how can anyone trust you?

I’m going to give you some tips on keeping your resolutions and continuing your journey to a better you!

Picking a resolution – Do not just decide upon a resolution because it is the cool thing to do. Choose something that you want and are passionate about. Not sure? Visualize in your mind what it would be like to have completed or upheld your resolution. Picture it in vivid detail, like a dream. How would you feel? Is that feeling strong? The type of feeling you would get after watching an inspirational movie? If so, then go for it!

Set a timeline – Obviously, you start at the beginning of the new year. But how long do you plan to keep this up? Is it forever, or until you have reached a certain goal. Be very specific. Give yourself deadlines to help push you into the right direction and take action.

Be realistic – If you have never climbed before, setting a goal to climb Mount Everest is a bit ambitious. It will be easy to quit. Instead, give yourself reasonable goals that you can achieve. If you finish them, you can always add more goals later.

Setup a motivational system – Staying motivated is the hardest part of maintaining a resolution. I have talked before about having a library of motivational sources such as books, movies, objects and people.

Where positive motivation fails, disciplinary actions can be enforced. For example, master mind groups often will have their members have to complete a task by a certain deadline. Failure to do so will result in paying a fine of $1000, split amongst the group. The fear of loss motivates members to work hard to fulfill their goals. In these groups, it is rare for people to pay the fine, but other members will be happy to collect 🙂

You can be creative in structuring your motivational system. Just be sure to have one. Try to make it involve other people that are serious and willing to help you reach their goals. Often it is best to find people whoever are trying to accomplish the same goals, developing you own group. Now each person in the group will keep each other motivated.

So make those resolutions and keep them!


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