Stop caring so much

Do you worry all the time about everything? Does the fact that your friend’s cousin’s grandfather’s barber got into a fender bender ruin your day? Want to have thicker skin and be more in control of your stress?

The key is to focus on what is important – YOU. Only worry about things that YOU can affect. Everything else is out of your control and does not deserve your anxiety. You shouldn’t worry about the weather, market trends in China, or whether the Dolphins are going to won the super bowl.

It is especially true for sports. I have seen people that will have the day ruined for seeing the favorite team lose. It is ridiculous to invest so much emotional energy into something that you have no control over.

Invest your stress on things you can change. But isn’t stress bad? No, in fact it is great source of motivation when used properly. Stress in physics terms is potential energy. It is bottled up emotional energy that wants to be used as physical action. What happens is that when you worry about things you can’t do anything about, this emotional energy has no way of transforming to physical action – so it turns to emotional pain.

However, if you care about things you have control over, your emotional energy turns into physical action. For example, you have a project you have to turn in for work. You worry about not finishing it in time. That makes you get to work on the project – turning your stress to useful action.

So the key to making stress work for you instead of against you is to worry only about those things that you have control over. Stop crying over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, forget about Tiger Woods and focus on what matters – YOU!


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