Breathing easy

Want to run faster, for longer with less pains? The key to good running is proper breathing. It is so simple to do but many people are not aware of the simple techniques I am about to share with you.

Mouth breathing – Many of you have been told to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. While this is good for stretching exercises where oxygen intake is low, running at a good pace requires more oxygen. Breathing through your mouth will allow you to take in more oxygen to keep your body fueled.

Belly breathing – When you breathe, focus on air filling your stomach and then emptying. This is opposed to chest breathing, where you let air expand your ribs. Belly breathing allows more air to come into your body. It will also exercise your abdominals, giving you more bang for your exercise buck.

Rhythm – Establishing the proper rhythm will make your running a lot easier. To do this, coordinate your breathing with your foot steps. Depending on your pace, it may be every fourth step or every second step. Elite runners use a 2-2 rhythm, breathing in on first two foot steps, and breathing out on the last two. On an easier pace, a 3-3 may be better. Sometimes, a 2-3 rhythm is better suited. Test out a couple of different rhythms until you find one that works for you.

Breathe out on left foot step – People who suffer from “stitches,” sharp pains typically felt on the right side of the body, can benefit from this type greatly. These pains typically occur from the diaphragm getting pushed down by the liver. Since the liver is mostly on the right side, the pains are most often felt there. It is said that by breathing out on your left foot step, it minimizes the possibility. Conversely, if you feel pains on your left side, then breathe out on your right step.

Focus on these breathing tips on your next run and you will be breathing easy 🙂


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