What makes Sherlock Holmes such a great detective

I went to watch Sherlock Holmes today, and as I observed the fascinating tale of the incredible detective, it made me think about a key aspect greatness. It is the thing that seperates the awesome from the meek, the gold medal from the silver. It is so often overlooked, because it is small.

What is it? It is the small things, the little details that make all the difference. In Sherlock’s case, he is able to pick up on the pieces or evidence that everyone else overlooks. Just a small hair is enough to break the whole case. That little detail makes him the top detective.

This doesn’t just apply to fiction, real life follows the same rules. A study was done on race horses that tracked horses times and winnings. The result, the top horse won over 10 times the winnings of the average horse, while running only 3% faster! 3% percent is the little things, the extra attention to details.

So be like Sherlock Holmes. Give your customers the extra attention and courtesy that others do not. Go the extra mile. Look around and see what you can do that others are not doing, then do it! You will surprise yourself on how big a difference little details make.


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