Three simple ways to inspire yourself

We all have moments where we are very motivated and eager to tackle the day. But just as quick as the spirit of power entered you, it left you. How can we stay motivated? How can we keep our cup full? Here is a quick rundown of things you can do right now to get yourself pumped!

1. Movies – We all have a movie that after watching it we want to go out and do something. Do not waste that inspiration! Keep a good library of movies on hand so that when your cup is leaking, you can replenish your spirit. There are a ton of great inspirational movies, so go out and stock up on them. Movies are a very easy way of building positive energy without doing a lot of leg work.

2. Books – Reading a good book can put you on the right mental state to take action. Just like you should have a video library, you should also have a collection of books that you can cycle through to inspire yourself. You can read books along the lines of inspirational movies. Or you can also read books on how to develop your skills. Regardless, having a good set of books at your disposal will help keep your energy up high.

3. Great People and Things – Finally, the strongest source of inspiration one can attain is by observing greatness. If you know someone or something that inspires you, get yourself in contact with it as much as possible. Draw from it’s power so that you too can become great. Find ways of surrounding yourself with people or things that motivate you. Do not make it a chance occurrence to observe greatness – make it a daily experience. If you can do this, motivation will be a powerful and bountiful resource for you.

And remember, being inspired is just one step. Many people can get inspired. Using your inspiration to create action is a whole other story. When you are inspired, make it a point to take action on whatever is on your mind right at that moment. Make it a habit to find inspiration and immediately take action!


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