Seek and ye shall find

The world belongs to those who seek, otherwise known as the seekers. They seek opportunity, knowledge, love, and happiness in all or it’s forms. They all start at the same key ingredient – ambition.

Without ambition, you will not seek – you will have no reason to. There is not much to be done with a person without ambition. That person will need to find things to inspire him or her into developing desires that will require fulfillment and create ambition.

Ask yourself, what do you want? A new job, a promotion, a relationship, a car, a fit body? Not things that you consider nice; for example a Ferrari. Most people would LIKE to have a Ferrari, but will not waste a thought on considering how they will do so. So search your mind for something that YOU want.

Once you have it in mind, start by writing about it. Get out a piece of paper and write about how it would look, taste, feel, sound and smell. Write about how you would feel having this – happy, excited; accomplished, loved. Be very specific about this – the more detail you write, the more you will desire it. After writing about this, your mouth should be salavating at the thought of it. You should be giddy with excitement.

Now that you are pumped up, start planning. What do you need to learn? What do you need to have? How do you need to change? What do you need to do? These are a few questions you need to answer to start seeking. You seek answers from within first, then you go out into the world to seek for clarification.

Now, start setting deadlines. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Make this real – put down milestones for your main goal. By such and such date, I should be at this point, etc. Your first milestone should be reached within one week, if possible sooner.

If you set your milestones too far into the future, you risk never acting upon it. Even if it is just a small accomplishment towards the full goal, set a date for it. Get used to the idea or meeting deadlines and accomplishing goals. It will develop confidence and a strong sense of productivity.

Finally, get started! Whatever you decided to go after, get moving on it immediately. If that means working longer hours, getting enrolled into a gym, or job hunting – by all means begin seeking. Do NOT save this for another day, do it right then and there. Procrastation turns goals into lofty dreams. Immediate action results in success.


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