Recharging the battery

There comes a time when even the most prolific person gets worn down. After pumping out great work day after day, eventually it can come to a halt. You still are functional, but not near your full capacity.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially for the success minded individual. Your spirit is willing, but your mind seems to be grinding gears just to go a couple of yards.

This sensation can best be identified with studying. You are cramming for a big test, cranking out hours of good study. Suddenly, your get stuck on the problem for an hour. You keep rereading the same page over and over – and it still makes no sense!

Simply put, you have overloaded your system. When you have reached this point, you need to stop and take a break. The more you try to push, the worse you make yourself. When it comes to studying, a simple hour break can be enough to allow your brain to reset and refocus on learning new material.

It your work pace has come to a crawl, consider taking a vacation when possible. Give your mind, body and spirit some needed rest to allow yourself to refocus. Often when you feel that you have been spread to thin, you just need to let yourself recompose.

It may seem that giving yourself downtime will ruin your overall productivity, but that is far from the truth. Why do you think companies give their employees paid vacation? It is not because they want to reward them – they have studies that show that productivity will rise if employees are given vacation.

If you are your own boss (and YOU are), learn to recognize signs of fatigue and deal with them asap. The holidays are a perfect time to recharge your batteries. Have the goal in mind to start the new year pumped and ready for success!


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