Starting a fire takes a lot of…

Persistance! I just started a fire with my girlfriend out here in the Smokey Mountains. It took the better part of 2 hours to get that bad boy going. I’m sure if we had practice doing it before it would have taken much less time. But our relentless devotion to the fire paid off!

If you have the faith and confidence on yourself to keep on pushing, you will succeed. Myself, I knew I could get a fire going. Why? I had seen people do it before. I knew the techniques involved. It was just a matter of time.

A lot of people quit early, way before the task is getting going. Life has a strong force of inertia – it tends to want to retard any effort to create a new motion. Whether that motion be moving a heavy block; starting a new business or kicking an old habit.

To overcome this inertia, you have to keep moving. Don’t stop just because the going gets tough. The beginning is the hardest part; once you get something moving, it is easy to maintain.

The persistance requires a strong belief and sense of purpose, because nobody wants to bust their butt for nothing. So find your purpose, believe you can achieve it, and get moving.

I say this to you as I roast marshmellows over an open fire 🙂


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