What to get?

Today is my Christmas shopping day. I will to finish off my list once and for all, send it to Santa and let him take care of the rest. But what do I get those special people in my life that are not on the naughty list?

First, if I had any insider info on what they wanted – I would naturally act upon it. This can be anything from an outright positive statement or a subtle hint. Usually it is not that easy.

The next level would be to look at the person, and ask what they could use. What thing or service can this person utilize immediately and yield benefits from? This is when knowing your friend will give you a large list of things you could give.

But when your friend has everything he or she wants or needs, what then? This is when you give him something he or she never wanted. This person never would have even considered getting this. This may sound like a poor decision, but just give me a minute to explain.

Most people have their ideas and beliefs of what they like, want, need and wish they had. Outside of those things, they do not give thought or consideration.

For example, I was given an Iphone by Shani’s mom. I never had considered having one. In fact, I had a negative view on them. I was reluctant to accept because I just wanted a simple phone. I just wanted to call and text and that was it. I didn’t want to learn how to use a new phone that had a load of features I would never use.

You know what happened? I Thanked her for the gift and started using it. I quickly discovered how useful this gift was, and became hooked on it! As a matter of fact, I have been writing my blogs through the Iphone, including this one!

I can easily say that it was one of the best gifts that I have ever received. To think it was something that I would have never asked for or even liked makes that fact more amazing.

I think you will discover that you too can shock and awe a friend by thinking outside the box. There is some risk associated with this method no doubt, but it is well worth it. Look at your friend and think, what could he use that he never has even thought of using? What is she not interested in using and why? Is it because of an actual
experience or ignorance?

In my case it was ignorance, so hands on experience made me realize how much I wanted an Iphone. Don’t get someone a bike if they have ridden bike before and hated it – that is a very high chance on backfiring!

Well, I am off to shop – good hunting!


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