In the air without a care in the world

When of the great things about traveling is the freedom that it gives us. For a moment in time we do not have any responsibilities. We are free – the way that nature has intended us to. When we travel, we have no job, no house, no car. The only thing we have is the clothes on our back.

It is this freedom that allows to truly enjoy site seeing, experiencing new foods and activities, and meeting a new culture. When you are free, you allow yourself to enjoy all of lifes wonders and opportunities.

However, our goal should be to live in freedom. There are many great wonders in your hometown that you are probably unaware of. Why? Because you are too busy trying to escape th rat race – your mind is not tuned in.

Change the station! When you are not busy, pretend you are on vacation. Convince yourself that you are free of all the duties that you have. Unload all of that stress, then ask yourself what you want to do. Explore your surroundings, allow yourself to be free for even just a few minutes a day. The feeling will be very liberating and relax you immensely.


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