Testing yourself in battle

It can often be the most fearful activity you can engage in – stepping out into the world and going into battle. This can mean a variety of things: public speaking, a sales presentation, sparring, taking a test, or your first day at a new job.

We can spend years in preparation, training hour after hour, readying ourself for this important event. However, for some reason – it usually seems far more difficult than your training exercises.

We worry so much about the possibility of failure, that sometimes we let that fear run us away from the very thing that we want to do. This fear is very evident in the sales world. Salespeople are human just like everyone else, instilled with a fear of rejection. Imagine going through an hour sales presentation to only have the prospect say no. The wasted time and opportunity, the risk of putting yourself out there and being rejected weeds out many aspiring salespeople.

As a result, some people avoid situations that can result in failure. They do not dare put themselves on the front line. The problem with that is that you have no chance of winning if you never play.

Seasoned professionals overcome this fear. They are the players in the game of life – those who fail to go into battle are spectators. If your job requires good public speaking skills; start speaking in public regularly, do presentations in front of your friends and family. Then practice with coworkers. Go into a park and start speaking to a random group of people, about anything. After various trials, you will lose the fear and gain courage. Your confidence will grow and then you will find the courage to speak to anyone, anywhere.

The same is true for all of our fears. If you do what you fear, the death of fear is certain. Make a routine of challenging your fears and you will see how much powerful and free you will become. A person with no fear is a person who’s spirit is free to explore all possibilities.


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