Add some fun to your workouts!

I just finished running a fighter training workout alongside my brother Marcos. We took the team to a park, and had them do a variety of workouts: jumping hurdles, throwing medicine balls, double leg lifts, burpees, sprints, high jumps, pull ups, dead hangs, monkey bars and one arm pull ups.

Needless to say, the fighters had a hell of a workout. Just at the very end of it all, I decided to unleash my hidden agenda that I had been working on while they were grinding away – the FFA Super Challenge.

I took the fighters to a childrens playground, and demonstrated the course. It was a combination of brains and brawn. Between crawling through small crevices, completing childrens puzzles, sprinting across a field and going down a slide, this challenge was like American Gladiators.

We had five brave contestants that dared to complete the course. The prize for the lowest time was two ice cold gatorades, and the pride of knowing you are the baddest man on the playground!

It was fun to watch, as each man struggled through the challenges, especially the mind puzzles! In the end, it was Michael Bernhard who took the prize; however, all of them won. They each had a great time and they were habit so much fun they forgot how hard they were working.

If you can find ways to make your workouts both challenging and exciting – you will have discovered a key ingredient to success.


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