Lunch time, what to eat?

It is 2pm and my stomach is grumbling. It is working off a vanilla yogurt that I had at 9am today, which I stole unintentionally from Rima, lol. Clearly, my stomach is not pleased. What does he want, I am not sure.

I run through a list of foods that I like, which is quite a long list mind you, and come up empty. I then use my Iphone to search for nearby places to eat with Urbanspoon. After looking for a bit, I come across LaSpada’s Hoagies. That sounds good, a hot steak and cheese sandwich with mushrooms and onions – that would hit the spot nicely. It seemed to be reviewed well and it was only 10 minutes away, so I rolled the dice.

I get there and the place looks nice enough. When I go through the menu, I realize I made a mistake. This was a deli sandwich place – no hot subs. I was about to walk out but then I thought, let’s try something different for a change. So I ordered what seemed to be the thing to get here, a roast beef and cheese hoagie. It is quite a monster of a sandwich, easily holding at least a pound of meat. I get my sandwich and make my way to my vehicle, eager to try this behemoth of a sandwich.

After a couple of bites, I made my verdict – bad decision. The food was good quality and tasted fine (was pretty expensive for a sandwich), but it just wasn’t what I was hungry for. Personally, I like my sandwiches nice and hot. Plus, eating a mountain of roast beef is not all that appealing to me. I wanted something with more flavor (pastrami would have been better if they had it). I ate half the sandwich, which was enough to satisfy my hunger.

I could have gone to a dozen places that I know I would have enjoyed more, but I took a chance. Why? In hopes of finding a meal better than I have tried before. We all have a part of us that wants something better than what we currently get now. However, a lot of us are scared of taking a chance and getting burned. We let the fear of loss trump the desire for gain.

I am upset that my meal wasn’t everything I hoped it would be? Ehhhh, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit disappointed. But I am going to let that stop me from trying something new again? Hell no! I learned that LaSpada’s Hoagies isn’t for me, and now I can scratch one place off my list of places to try. If anything, I am more eager to try a new place to overcome my previous dining experience.

Eating new foods is just a simple example of taking chances. But this lesson can carry out through all aspects of our lives. So when lunch time rolls around tomorrow, take a chance, and go for something different that you haven’t tried before. Make your lunch an adventure and you just might find a hidden treasure 🙂


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