Happiness from Tanna

Shani had told me she wanted to watch a TV show called “Meet the Tribe – USA” this pass Sunday. I have to admit, I was not too excited to watch it. I was not sure what it was about and reluctantly accepted her invitation. I am very happy that I did!

The TV show is a reality series that follows five members of a tribe from an island in the South Pacific called Tanna. This tribe was first introduced to western civilization through World War II. American soldiers landed on the island, and made a pact to feed the islanders in exchange for their help building roads. A brotherhood was made, and both sides became friends. One US Navy member, which they refer to as Tom Navy, left a huge impact on them. He imparted on them simple life philosophies that changed their society forever. After his help, they ended their civil war and have entered an age of peace that remains unbroken. To this day, they revere him and wait for his return.

It is for this reason the show was made. For the island of Tanna has learned of the distressing news that America is in trouble. They could not understand what is going on in our land, and they wish to deliver a message of peace and love to us. They are also eager to come into contact with Tom Navy and find out if he is a part of our current dilemma. So, the grand chief sent out five of his men to go to America to deliver this message and search for Tom Navy.

These are very simple people – they live off the land with tools and clothing made from their surroundings. They have no idea of the type of world we live in, yet they all bravely embark on this adventure with a great smile on their faces. Through their interactions in America, the one prominent feature of these men is their smile. Their happiness is so profound it is infectious, passing on to everyone they meet.

They carry no judgement on anything they see. They are perhaps the most open-minded people I have seen. They have dinner with a gay couple, and while initially confused, they do not seem to be bothered by it. They live with both rich and poor people, not seeming to care about the issues that drive us insane. The most interesting part about them is their wisdom. Considering that these individuals are not educated, do not have any possessions, and do not know the inner workings of our society, they have a possess a good understanding of what drives us. They make several remarks during their explorations, which to me showed great wisdom and human understanding.

I will definitely be tuning in and watching future shows. Again, it is called “Meet the Tribe – USA” and is shown on the Travel Channel. Do yourself a favor and give it a look – I guarantee you will smile at least once đŸ™‚


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