I got beat…

I tried to hold out as long as possible. I put my best foot forward but still, it was not enough. I made great sacrifices in vain. The consequences of this defeat will be costly – $6 to be exact.

Yes, my washing machine’s strike prevailed and I broke down and went to the laundromat. I had little choice as I have no underwear or socks left over! Now I must sit here, and overcome my feelings of sadness and sorrow.

Oh washing machine, why do you treat me so? Have I not been good to you? Why do you make me seek out strange and foreign machines when I truly desire you?

To make things worse, a little maniac keeps running circles around me and hitting me. He must be two feet tall and a little over a year old. Have your fun baby bully, your time will come soon enough.

Well it is time to go to drier, wish me luck…


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