I’m tired guys and gals…

I have been typing away at this keyboard since 9:00am, none-stop. Whatever I think automatically comes up onto the screen – it is like I have developed my consciousness onto my computer. I see letters floating through my vision and hear my ideas. To keep my eyes open I am exerting an effort rivaling Atlas.  I have been at it for too long. I know everyone has felt this, many of you every day. I think most people decide to take a break, have a nap. I was tempted just to let my eyelids rest, just for a few moments…

As a slipped into a quasi-state of unconsciousness, the door at my house opened and my heart nearly jumped out of my mouth! Damn you sleepiness, you almost had me. Some of you may be thinking, take a nap – it will do you good. Others perhaps to sit down and watch TV, relax. You know how I am going to recharge myself? By working out.

I am going to go for a one mile run and follow it up by lifting weights. One thing some people are not aware of is that exercising INCREASES your energy levels. You need to balance out your mental exercise with physical exercise. Plus, the endorphin high is always welcome in my body!

So give it a try sometime when you are feeling lazy. Force yourself to go exercise for 10 minutes, and witness the transformation in your energy levels.


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