“Home, crap, home.”

This a funny line Tom Hanks says in the movie, “The Money Trap.” Lately, my house has been in a state of turmoil. A couple of weeks ago, the appearance of my lawn would have made you think that I was a weed farmer. Then, as I was out of town I got wind that a flood had ravaged my home. A toilet leak caused water to gush out and destroy all the wood flooring, leaving a very unpleasant odor, a reminder of the wooden flooring’s death. Over the course of the following weeks, more problems have become prevalent, such as a washing machine that likes to wash floors and a toilet that constantly drains.

While these problems are annoying, none are enough to make me uncomfortable. However, the recent strike that my A/C has issued has me on edge. This A/C has been a terrible worker – takes breaks continuously throughout the day, and when he does work, it is subpar at best. Let’s not even get into the amount of sick days this guy has used up. He thinks he has got me by my fur, but I have found ways around it. I have stopped watching TV (as it produces too much heat), I drink ice water frequently and take cold showers before bed. I’m determined to break him!

So I look at these events and think, what is the significance of all this? Is there a message? I believe so. My house is trying to kick me out. I will know for sure if my roof collapses on me tonight, lol!

Everyone has had bad things happen to them, one time or another. More often than not, when one thing goes wrong, a series of events unfolds with each incident building a mountain of misfortune. When you look back at it all, you think, “Why? Why me? How come I am so unlucky?”

What people sometimes fail to do is to ask, “What opportunities have been made through this disaster?” There is ALWAYS something good to be gained from any incident, no matter how tragic. But to find the good, you have to take your self-pity and loathing cap off and put on your success and opportunity cap on. If you think everything that happens to you is going to be tainted, someone can give you a brick of gold and you will drop it and break your foot.

Be objective. What happened? What has CHANGED? What can you LEARN from this experience? How can you APPLY that knowledge to benefit you? Is there an OPPORTUNITY born from the calamity? How can you protect yourself against this in the future?

Asking these questions will turn crap into fertilizer that you can then use to grow a tree that will bear fruits for as long as you live. The more trees you can plant, the happier and wiser you will be.


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