What gets you fired up?

Everybody knows when you are on fire. There is an aura about you, and everyone can sense it like smoke from a raging inferno. You have limitless energy, and a defined purpose – you are in the zone.

Everybody at some point in their life has felt this sensation. It is a wonderful feeling. With such divine power, you feel unstoppable! But then, something happens. That light from the fire dims, and suddenly your inspiration has faded.

What happened? Did someone steal your mojo? Hopefully not 🙂 The driving force you feel is motivation. Motivation is like a cup with a leak – if you do not refill it, it will eventually empty.

How do you find motivation? From within. All motivation is developed by your mind. When your mind desires something intensely, it will develop motivation to help propel you towards obtaining it.

However, people have different ways of getting motivated. some people get motivated through positive reinforcement, others negative. You must find what motivates you. Then, find ways of keeping yourself motivated. Look for different sources of motivation to keep your glass full. Doing this will ensure that you stay fired up and living with a fiery spirit – making you unstoppable!


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