What have you learned in the last 24 hours?

Was it through trial and error? Did someone teach you? Or did you read about it? Regardless, that is great. Now have you applied what you have learned? Why not?

The true measure of learning is application. For it is when knowledge is tested that true learning begins. Everything before that is theory. It is easy to learn theories. It takes courage to make a theory become a FACT for you!

When you learn something, apply it immediately. Do not wait for the right time to try out a new idea – that is procrastinating, and we all know from our mothers how bad it is to procrastinate 🙂 Go out and put your knowledge in action and see what happens. You will either learn or earn – both positive results to obtained from any experience.

If you cannot apply what you are studying in the foreseeable future, it is time to start learning something new. There is an infinite amount of knowledge to take in from the world – so use your time wisely and research something that can yield results within your life time.

Get your learning to increase your earnings – put your knowledge to work!



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