When you are driving, what do you listen to?

November 30, 2009

The answer is more important than you may think. Do you know that the average American spends over 500 hours per year commuting? That is a lot of time. Unfortunately, most of us just kill the time by listening to the radio. We try to dull ourselves from the monotony of driving the same route everyday by letting our focus drift into a music. I cannot blame you, I drive a lot and it can be difficult at times – especially when there is traffic. You just want to calm down before going into a road rage 🙂

Want to find something constructive to do with that time? Think about it again, 500+ hours of time that is just being burned away. That is the equivalent of over two full-time college semesters. On that note, what if you put that time into learning with audio books.

If you don’t know, audio books are simply books in audio form. You can find audio books on just about anything. Currently, I am listening to Brian Tracy’s “Success Mastery Academy”. It is a great series that I would highly recommend to anyone. Any time that I am in my car, I will listen to these CD’s. If I like what I am hearing, I will listen to the same material again – just to make sure it sinks in. I tend to be in my car for about 1 hour a day – just enough time to complete one CD. Which means I listen to 5 CDs a work week or 240 CDs a year. That is a lot of information!

The great thing is that it takes very little effort to do this. All you have to do is sit back and listen. So for people that do not like to read, this is a great way of getting around that. The best part about this – is that you have the time! At this moment, you let those 500 hours just slip away. Now you can use this “lost” time and make it highly profitable for you!

I suggest picking material that you can put into use right away. So if you are employed, look for CDs that are related to your profession. When you learn something new – USE IT! The information is worthless until it is put into action.

So get on the web, find a good audio book and pop it in your car’s stereo player. Continue to educate yourself and you will continue to grow and so will your success.