Pain – friend or foe

November 29, 2009

Yesterday, during training I managed to accumulate my share of pains – legs, arms, and the worst, my tongue. Yes,I kicked my tongue’s ass . Eating has now been difficult. Every time I chew I get both pleasure and pain.

I find myself cursing my tongue for being soft. Then I realize that pain has a great purpose – to teach or warn. It teaches us by showing the consequences of our actions. It warns us of wrong doing. When pain becomes unbearable, it forces us to act.

In my case, I realize I should have been wearing a mouth piece while MMA sparring. Obvious but sometimes we forget why we need things. A simple but important lesson.

I’m not just talking about physical pain – emotional pain has the same effect. Most of us respond to physical pain rather quickly. We believe that physical pain is real, whereas emotional pain is trivial, even embarrassing. People have no problem telling you they are injured, but admitting they are depressed is a challenging ordeal.

Because of this, most people ignore emotional pain. They aggravate their injuries. They leave open wounds unattended, fearing to admit weakness. By keeping their pain in the dark, the pain grows and their spirit drains out of their body. They become what they feared – weak.

Strength is admitting your weaknesses and healing them. By shining light upon them, the pain can no longer grow. Your spirit becomes revitalized.

I think of this as I am going to Graziano’s, a fine steak house. My tongue will have to endure 🙂