When was the last time you were lied to?

November 28, 2009

What was it about? Who was it that lied to you? Think carefully, because I think that 99.9% of people are liars. The sad part, is that 99.9% of lies told are not to a friend or a stranger – rather, it is to ourselves!

Are you surprised, curious, or in agreement? Let me elaborate. We tell ourselves many things, some are facts, some are exaggerations (minor lies), others are justifications – the worst kind of lie. There are many kinds of lies, but I will limit this blog to the use of exaggerations, which are very common.

Exaggerations are very common. We exaggerate facts to make them sound more impressive, both to others and ourselves. We want our statements to be accepted with the respect and dignity we believe they deserve. We fallaciously believe that we need to boast of larger than life feats to earn the respect of our colleagues.

Exaggerations are used to avoid one thing – rejection. We do not want to say something that WE believe is not deserving of praise. How can anyone respect you, if you do not respect yourself? Think of any exaggeration you have ever told. Ask yourself, “Why did I exaggerate?

You will find that the reason starts from within. If you can respect yourself, your thoughts and actions, you will not need to make an exaggeration. You will have no problem telling people what you have done, how you feel, and what you think.

Learn to accept yourself for who you are. The next time you are telling a story, tell it at face value. If you do exaggerate, think upon it and understand why you are doing it. Let the truth set you free!