I am thankful for…

November 27, 2009

Having AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner! I have been blessed to be surrounded by great culinary masters: my mother, father, girlfriend and her mother. Each of them had prepared a fantastic feast for all the senses. Today, I got to enjoy seconds on Enith’s (Shani’s mom) thanksgiving dinner, which was incredible. I cannot wait to discover the recipe.

As you probably already know, I love food. Everything about it is enjoyable to me. Eating is obvious satisfying, but so is cooking. There is a great sense of satisfaction in preparing a meal for a party of guests. Cooking is truly an artistic expression of the greatest kind – for it’s ability to sustain us alone makes it an important matter. There is great significance in having a meal made for you. Many friendships can be strengthened just by breaking bread together.

I find cooking to be good for the soul. I enjoy sharing food that I have made with friends and family, learning new recipes and teaching old ones. I think the simple act of cooking helps build a stronger character in an individual. First, you learn a valuable skill that literally, “puts food on the table.” Second, you have a new talent that you can share with others. Cooking is a great way of expressing gratitude towards new and old friends. Third, being a cook yourself, you learn to appreciate food more. You understand the work that goes on in the kitchen, and have a whole other level of sympathy towards the chef. In a way, it makes you more humble and appreciative.

It is this last benefit that I feel is the most important. When you can learn to both give and receive with the utmost appreciation towards your friends, you have become a better person. You do not take anything for granted and your friends will respect you more for that – and ultimately you will too.

So if you don’t already, go and prepare a meal for someone you care about. Enrich both of your days with a home cooked dinner – your stomach will thank you for it!