Hey friends, I need help moving. Can anyone help me move out tonight?

I bet after reading that, many of you had excuses racing through your mind – trying to figure out how you can justify not helping out a friend. Don’t feel bad, I would have had the same reaction too! Moving is not something that I would look forward to. That is like giving a friend a ride to the airport, or jump-starting someone’s car- you try and find ways out of it. But you don’t just give any excuse, you look for a good one – a great reason that would gain sympathy. The best excuses out there not only fool your victims, they even trick yourself! It is these excuses that are detrimental to your success and I will show you why.

Repetition is a key to building greatness. Whether it is practicing a technique, saying something to yourself or building a habit, repetition will develop your abilities to their fullest. It is common sense to see that if one person practices a technique 10 times a week, while another practices it 100 times a week, that the latter will be better. It is perhaps the easiest way of becoming the best, but it is the most feared and avoided method. Why?

Take a look at the weight loss industry. There is no secret in losing weight. All you have to do is exercise for 30 minutes a day, and eat a healthy diet.  Yet America, arguable the most well informed nation on this topic, has a HUGE obesity problem. Instead of doing a simple, low risk, low cost method of weight loss that will work for 99% of people, most look to purchase quick fix methods: diet pills, liposuction, cremes, exotic diets, and the list goes on. People look for a method of weight loss that requires the least amount of effort and time – they look for a weight loss plan that requires no discipline. It is why most people who rely on these “quick-fixes” find themselves in a roller coaster ride: obese, skinny, fat, athletic, rotund, etc. They lack the discipline to maintain control over themselves; hence, their life is in a constant state of flux. They say things like:

“I was born big boned, I can’t help it.”

“I have a slow metabolism, that is why I need pills.”

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“This is just the way I am, I can’t change that.”

“Your lucky to be born with good genes, there is no way I can ever be like you!”

These limiting beliefs (or excuses) allow people to justify themselves for being the way they are, instead of actually making the changes needed to become a better person. A rule of thumb regarding this is, “People rather have a good excuse, than do the work required to attain great results.” Rather than admit that it is possible to achieve their goals, they would rather create a wonderful excuse as why they cannot.

But why would a person want to sabotage themselves? Wouldn’t everybody want to live up to their full potential? When we are first born, we are capable of anything. We do not know consequences, we do not know limits. However, the more educated we become, the more limited we are. Depending on how we are raised, we learn and KNOW different things. Some people learn that if you eat a healthy diet, you will maintain a good body weight. Others learn that being overweight is genetic and runs in the family. They do not question it, they KNOW it.

Humans crave to have things make sense. We seek patterns for understanding, crave reasons and justifications for all things around us. If there is something we do not understand, it drives us crazy. And once we KNOW something, we cling on to that for dear life. When something challenges your belief, you vehemently defend it. Even in the face of extraordinary amounts of evidence, people have a difficult time letting go of their beliefs. It is as if admitting their belief was fallacious would cause their whole reality to crumble. Some people rather die than accept a new belief.

Imagine that for your whole life you believed you couldn’t lose weight, envying others who could and then one day you found out you could. All of that wasted time being obese and envious, only to realize that you COULD make changes, that you were solely RESPONSIBLE for your condition. That is a lot of responsibility to fall on your shoulders – to accept that blame would be difficult and damaging for your ego. Your ego rather not accept the blame, pretend that you are helpless to be who you are, regardless of how much you would want to change. So, it hangs on to a belief that you have accepted for many years, casting doubt on any other belief that challenges it. Even if someone was able to make you change your belief, your ego would try to quickly blame someone or something for tricking you into believing your old belief. That is the lengths your ego would go through to protect itself.

This is one of the main reasons why “people don’t change.” They may want to, but their ego has them in a strangle hold. You must learn to put your ego aside. By allowing your mind to be free of your ego, you will be able to quickly adapt to your thoughts and beliefs. It doesn’t matter that you were right or wrong – all that matters is making yourself happier. This is key in developing yourself into a happy and successful human being. People with strong egos are often tormented by themselves. Get rid of your ego and you will learn so much more than you ever thought possible.

So, who wants to help me move now?

Hahahahahaha, I was only kidding about moving, but I hope you got the point!



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